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We are for all children, women and young people and their families in Iraq who need our help. We do it with care and focus on the essential help they need, such as



We make their homes where the poor families live habitable again. This can be done by sealing the roof, restoring a new window/door, and painting the inside wall. In addition, the basics such as gas stove, refrigerator, stove, beds, duvets, cupboards and what is very necessary small generators to be able to provide electricity yourself when there is no electricity.


We try to provide families with seasonal clothing, as in winter we provide winter clothing and summer clothing. In addition, we help their children with school uniform and bag with notebooks and pencils to go to school without feeling less in front of other classmates.


We help families with the right resources to generate a balanced income themselves. We do this through training, workshops such as hairdressers, seamstresses and bakers. We will support them from the beginning until they can be fully independent.

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We are trying to revive the primary schools which are in very bad shape because they have had almost no maintenance in recent years and that has led to very poor hygiene, bad classrooms without doors, no playground for the children by renovation such as new toilets for girls and boys, new playgrounds for the children to really get a feeling of peace during their breaks and furthermore give them what is important, motivation and hope to go to school with a dream of a bright future. 

Medical care

We try to help those who need medical care but are not in possession of money. Every person has the right to medical help.


We try to help the single women who have children with upskilling. We do this by giving workshops in hairdressers, bakers or tailors. With this they follow a trajectory to eventually be able to work independently and support their family. We will continue to monitor their and their sightings until they can proceed in complete safety.

Food package

We try to put together food packages that meet basic needs and give them to the vulnerable families. 

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