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Education and training are priorities of our work and the most important development tool for every child, family and community. Community participation and development are important pillars of our projects. That is why it is important to play an active role in this process. Our core values ​​are



recognizing that all projects must be self-sufficient and independent in order to operate sustainably. Each project works according to a five-year plan. By the end of the fifth year, each project will be fully self-financed.

A better future through education: We believe that education is the best way to promote development and bring about change in people's lives. For us, education is more than just learning to read and write. Our projects also deal with citizenship and its meaning in everyday life. We believe in a comprehensive and participative teaching method. This means we want every child to develop their skills and feel unique and valuable.


Tomorrow's Iraq Organization believes in community support to maximize the impact of our projects: all the staff at our schools are Iraqis and we buy and serve almost all the products we need within the communities in which we operate.


Who Are We?
A local Iraqi non-governmental and non-profit organization concerned in various fields of relief, humanity, development, health and human rights.

Our Vision

With science and work will be pioneers in developing the decent ways of life for the poor communities of the world to attract the smile and spread hope for a new life.


Our Mission

We are keen to provide the best services for the development of communities and meet the needs of marginalized individuals in their communities and develop their abilities in accordance with international standards in accordance with a distinct ethical methodology.

Our Values

Mutual respect transparency, teamwork, independence, neutrality, creativity.


Is to work tomorrow's Iraq Organization for Education and Social Development on a better world. How?!

We act as an incentive for change by connecting beneficiaries with actors such as international and international organizations that will give them the opportunity to build their lives again by establishing development and financing projects for a better future.

We will take social responsibility by helping to obtain the rights of women and children to continue, be optimistic and inspire in the development of the dilapidated target group in their communities.



Food Security, News Health In kind and cash materials Shelter, Training in crafts, teaching, training workshops and awareness.

Job Opportunities

Vacancies are a CV link for anyone who wants to provide us with their CV without compliance with the announcement of a vacancy.



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