Children and young people in Iraq have been among the groups mostly affected by the conflict since 2003, as international organizations report, as many local NGOs point out, thousands have been left at any time, many have been victims of violence and one in five suffer the consequences of malnutrition. Education facilities are constantly deteriorating. It is estimated that in 2019-2020, only 50% of primary school children attended schools, and illiteracy has increased steadily since the beginning of the conflict. Unemployment is currently one of the most important concerns of the Iraqi people, and according to government sources, the unemployment rate in Iraq now exceeds 70% among the youth group.

As often happens, girls and young women are the most vulnerable among vulnerable groups. The general conditions of girls in Iraq are seriously affected by the deteriorating context. According to information published by local and international NGOs, girls have very limited opportunities for social progress in the country, and they are targeted with violent repression and intimidation. On many occasions, girls have not been sent to school for security reasons, and 76.2% of women who are culturally motivated confirm that, according to a survey conducted by an organization interviewed, girls in their families are not allowed to go to school. Girls are now facing a growing learning gap.


As can be seen when monitoring the situation in Iraq, there is an urgent need for activities designed for children and young people, mainly aimed at improving the level of education. This is without forgetting the father of da right and the need for children and young people to play and have fun in order to develop full and balanced adults. Creating a safe space for education and pleasure and exploring the creativity and issues that children and young people may face in their difficult daily lives is of paramount importance in order to contribute to their development. Giving them the opportunity to use their time in a constructive and difficult way is in itself the first step towards a more balanced and happy life.


Babylon supports local Iraqi partner organizations to carry out a range of activities for children, young people and women to promote knowledge, social cohesion, creativity and psychological and social well-being of beneficiaries through educational, recreational and sports activities.

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Tomorrow's Iraq Education and Social Development Organization

As sectarian violence increases and normal life in mixed communities becomes more disabling, the organization will work with its partners to help children and young people understand diversity and learn how to Peaceful coexistence in a mixed society. As a matter of fact